Trapeze Bar

A trapeze bar is intended to provide the patient with a means of self help to change position in bed, to move onto a bedpan, to move from a bed to a commode, or to transfer to and from a wheelchair with minimal help from an attendant.


Both patient and caregivers should give careful consideration to the adjustment of the grab bar position before the delivery person leaves your home. This will prevent the need to loosen the clamps to readjust the trapeze bar later, with the risk of either not getting the clamps tightened securely, or tightening them so tight that damage to the equipment results. Damage such as stripped threads or fractured clamps, can result in equipment failure and possible injury to the user. All clamps should be checked daily to ensure that they are securely tight.

When the head of the bed is elevated or when the caregiver is working with the patient in bed, the triangular grab bar can be placed out of the way by hooking it over the upper end of the offset bar and sliding it back toward the head of the bed.




If your trapeze bar is installed on a floor stand (free standing), rather than being installed directly onto the head of the bed, you should be aware that it is not secured to the bed and may shift if pulled horizontally instead of vertically.


If your trapeze bar is a swivel model it can be rotated right or left from the usual fixed center position. Simply pull up on the release plunger on the upper bed clamp and swing the horizontal arm to the desired position. Care must be exercised to ensure that the release plunger has re-seated securely after each change of position.