Tub Transfer Bench

The transfer bench was originally designed for individuals who are unable to walk. The transfer bench gets its name from the fact that it permits a sliding transfer from a wheelchair. Because the transfer bench extends out beyond the edge of the tub this sliding type transfer can be performed.


The transfer tub bench is also helpful to ambulatory users who have difficulty stepping over the side of the tub safely. Once seated on the bench, with legs outside the tub, all that is required is to lift one leg at a time into the tub.


Installation of the transfer tub bench consists simply of placing it in the tub in the appropriate position. Cleaning the rubber feet or suction cups with alcohol removes any oil, grease, or talc and enhances the slip resistant characteristics. The feet should be cleaned initially an a new product and cleaning should be repeated periodically during regular use. It is also important to keep the bathtub clean and free of soap film to help prevent slipping.


The bench is placed in the tub facing the faucet end, with the two outer legs resting on the floor outside the tub. The two inner legs should be adjusted to a height approximately even with the side of the tub. The outside legs should then be adjusted so that the seat slopes slightly toward the inside of the tub. With this setting, any water falling on the seat surface drains into the tub instead of out onto the floor.


For models with provisions for clamping the bench to the wall of the tub, the rubber surfaces of the clamping mechanism as well as the wall of the tub should also be free of soap film, oil, or grease. The clamps should be tightened securely. The clamp should be checked periodically to ensure that it remains tight.


In spite of all precautions to prevent slipping, it is important that the user understands the necessity to exert force only straight in a vertical direction when sitting, rising from the seat, or shifting position on the bench. Any significant force in a horizontal direction is likely to cause the bench to slip or even tip over. These are relatively light weight products and they are not securely anchored to the tub.


A hand held shower is usually a necessity with the use of a transfer tub bench. Other bathing aids such as a non slip safety mats or tread  may be very helpful. Please call our office if more information is needed regarding other products that will further enhance your safety and independence while bathing.